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SkiTrak is available now. Try the free full function evaluation copy with pre-loaded GPS skiing data from several actual seasons!

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When you click the download button below, you will be taken to our online shopping cart system. Simply select the Evaluation Copy and there will be no charge and no need to enter any credit card or other purchase information at this time. A simple registration screen will allow you to enter name and contact information, as well as set up a login should you wish to return to purchase the full license at a later time.

download SkiTrak
(Windows only, about 70 MB before installation.)

Important: though the evaluation copy has no charge, you must still proceed through “checkout” to get to the receipt page. On that receipt page, near the bottom, will be the “Download SkiTrak” link for the actual software download. SkiTrak comes packaged in the Microsoft “MSI” file format. After downloading the file, simply double-click it to install.